Florencia Lucila born in Buenos Aires, 1986. Under her father’s influence and after experimenting with drawing and painting for several years, Florencia’s curiosity to explore art in different forms and shapes lead her to acquire her first film camera. The artist's relationship with nostalgia and photographs began early in her life. She had a strong need to keep memories close to her. Soon after she established herself in Spain as a self-taught photographer, she began exploring these ideas through 35mm. She felt more represented with a camera; capturing the moments would help her to understand the world around her rather than creating it. Once based in Barcelona, she continued exploring different photography styles; over the first years her work predominantly concerned her with the idea of exploring her immediate world, intimate relationships and experiences as a personal diary to evoke ethereal memories of her own. In 2015 she earned her Post- Graduate degree in Photography at IDEP Barcelona. By working alongside her teacher, Vasque Documentary Photographer Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre (Goldsmiths, Magnum), Florencia’s ideas began to develop into a deeper meaning. She began as an intern in his studio studying his documentary work and learning large and medium format techniques. From there, Florencia’s visual language shifted drastically. Her fascination for a larger format thrust her to completely abandon her past technique to submerge into medium format. This larger format allowed her to grasp those momentums for what they really are. Through transporting herself to new unknown places, her visual work grew dramatically. There’s an evident need in Florencia’s work to identify uncommon beauty through colours and shapes, without losing sight of the documentary element and maintaining a sense of vulnerability and nostalgia to each image. Lucila now resides and works in London, focusing mainly on still life and personal projects, while simultaneously assisting photographer Tom Johnson (Mini Title) on creative research and casting for his editorial publications. Her work has been showcased on Lindsay Magazine, YWYW Magazine, Folch Studio, Publications For Pleasure, I-D & Taschen. 

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